Two awesome things are going on at Flowdock today. Number one, we are about to launch a new front page with a new no-BS message: Flowdock – Team Inbox With Chat. The other thing is the Flowdock API. Flowdock thrives on integrations to other tools that the team is using. That’s why we are now launching the Flowdock API.

Version 1!

In the first version we start with a simple API enabling posting new items to Flowdock’s Team Inbox (previously called Influx).
» See the API Docs

We’ve also wrapped up a Ruby Gem to get you going in just seconds if Ruby is your choice of language.
» Check out the Ruby Gem and install it

Example 1: Custom Feedback Form

Here’s a quick example to get you going. Getting user feedback directly to Flowdock is great. You can talk it over quickly with your team and decide what to do.

This Sinatra app shows a feedback form and sends the feedback to your Flowdock flow using the Flowdock API Ruby Gem.

The view:

The Sinatra controller:

Example 2: FogBugz integration (no coding required!)

The Flowdock Influx API is perfect for use with any service which has web hook / url trigger functionality, such as FogBugz.

Simply by configuring the URL Triggers plugin in Fogbugz (means filling out one form), you can get nicely formatted notifications to Flowdock. We’ve created example instructions for FogBugz Cases, but you can get notifications from wiki changes etc by adding small modifications and creating new triggers.

» Check out the instructions

Example 3: Deployment notifications

Check out our new awesome deployment notification scripts using the Flowdock API.

If you implement an integration using the Flowdock API, let us know, and we’ll spread the good word!

Version 2?

What would you like to see in the Flowdock API? Here’s a few initial ideas:

* bots! (Check out the awesome Flowdock bot implementation by the guys at MyNewsDesk).
* fetching messages by tag – slideshow of latest #sketches ?
* Fetching influx messages
* Jabber integration to use Flowdock with other chat clients (See this idea/discussion in our UserVoice)

Let us know what you think via UserVoice or in the comments.